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The Art Show

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theartshow @ landofart


The Art Show is a community made for the sole purpose so that members of Land of Art can post their beautiful graphics. They ca post not just the graphics they make during the course of the competition here at Land of Art but also graphics they may make for other places (for their own personal pleasure, for a stills community, 20in20s, etc!). All graphics are welcome. EVERYONE nay comment (as long as you're an LJ member) but only Land of Art members may post! You can use the community to post your actual graphics or if you like, you can just post some teasers and link to another journal/comm for the rest!


1. For GRAPHICS Only. This is a graphics comm. Please do not post your fanfiction, vids, etc here.

2. No Bashing. This comm has a no-bashing policy. This goes for fandoms, characters, pairings, etc and fellow Livejournal users. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say ANYTHING at all.

3. Anyone Can Post. (as long as you are a landofart member) You do not need to ask for posting rights. This comm is open to all Land of Art members. Just follow the rules and the posting format.

4. LJ-CUT Is A Must. ALL posts must have an LJ-CUT!

5. Tagging. Posters must tag their own posts by inserting available tags. Members can create tags.
- '!graphic' - which type of graphic is it/are they (banner, icon, manip, picspam, wallpaper, fanvid, fanmix, poster, etc)
- '*maker' - your username
- '#icon' - if you graphic(s) are icons, which type (celeb, fandom, stock, text only)
- '!phase #1 - challenge name' - after the 'phase #1' part will be a challenge name -- tag if one of these if you're posting something that was made in a specific challenge and which one
- '&fandom' - if your graphic(s) use a fandom
- 'celeb' - if your graphic(s) has a celeb on it

6. Subject Lines. PLEASE, make sure to ALWAYS put a subject in your subject line. If it's a multi-fandomed post, you can put Multi-Fandom, like '60 Multi-Fandom Icons' or something. DO NOT LEAVE IT BLANK!


There is no specific posting template for posting your graphics. The MAIN thing we ask of you is to ALWAYS use an LJ-CUT! HOWEVER, that said, you are encouraged to post to a teaser above the LJ-CUT (if you don't, why would someone click on it since they'd have no idea what was under the LJ-CUT).

Teaser Requirements
Banners - no more than 2 resized banners
Icons - no more than 3 icons
Manips - no more than 2 resized manips
Picspams - no more than 2 cover images (for examples of cover images, see the images that are above the cuts here)
Wallpapers - no more than 2 resized wallpapers

** The reason we ask for resized graphics, is because if you post the graphics in their normal size, it makes the reason for the LJ-CUT useless (which is too save people's space on F-Lists, ec). If you don't know how to resize something easy, let us know and we'll help with the coding!

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