14x20 | Then vs. Now

Like many others, my first foray into graphics were icons (which I still love doing to pieces!). My journey started in December 2015, and the first icons I made back then are a testament to the fact that I didn't know what I was doing, apparently XD *cringes*

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Ph14:Ch20 - Then vs. Now

For this challenge I went through artwork I made for the SPN fandom. I've been making fanart since 2004 or so (for CSI and bandom for instance), but I didn't properly archive my creations until 2010. It was hard to find similar techniques, because I prefer to try something different each time. So I've chosen old and new artwork of my favorite ship and a recurring style to compare;)

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Phase 14 - Challenge 20: Then vs. Now

When I opened my old hd to find these graphics it was like doing a journey down memory lane. All these art are at least 10 years old if not more. I started making graphics for curiosity, and these are all made with Gimp or other programs.

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One day I decided that making graphics was fun, and it became a real passion, a passion that deserve a better program and more will to work around colors, levels, styles, blending... I started making Tumblr graphics thanks to LOA and I'm having a lot of fun *_*

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